(from 1993)


Our secret formula, then we write and arrange our music is this. (more or less)

Someone presents a theme in the rehearsal and hopefully someone else will jump in and start jamming with the theme. In this particular situation, it is very fragile and at the same time a very important ruling concerning the theme will be used at all. Sometimes it is documented with a simple recording with bass, acoustic guitar and a raw organ, just as a sketch so we can get a picture of how the theme works. Then we made a simple recording of the theme, it has in any way been officially and will be developed until it shows up in a song somewhere.

When we start working on a new song, it's usually with a main theme. But it can also be something of all the little issues we made a simple arrangement on. From the beginning, we may not even know which is a main theme. After that, we start looking at the previous themes that we either recorded or that we jamming on lately.

Then we start arranging.

From the Rehearsels.


The new constellation of Änglagård have met five times and rehearsed old materials. Initially, it will be six songs as we bring in the live context, at a starting point.

Two from each album.

We also get some free time to try out some new themes that pops up just like that. Linus has always brought a thermos of coffee at rehearsals. He can not swell studio's disgusting instant coffee ... and no other either.


Sep. 23th. From the rehearsals. Just some jamming at new themes.


Tema 1




Short appetizers

Hybris 1992



Kung Bore

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