Viljans öga. Both on Cd and vinyl.

Currently our cd's are distributed by Alvarsdotter. And the LP by Record Heaven. It concerns professional distributors as well as private persons.


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Viljans öga-CD (Anglagard Records) ANG03

Viljans öga-Limited 2 x 12" vinyl. (black vinyl) (Anglagard Records)

Viljans öga-Limited 2 x 12" vinyl. (clear vinyl) (Anglagard Records)- Sold out


The edition in clear vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes postcards. The edition in black vinyl is limited to 1500 copies.

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In August 1991 they wrote a letter to the owner of the Colours label, Jörn Anderson , and told him about the Anglagard project. He wrote back and said that he was interested in the project and wanted a demo as soon as possible.

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